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   Zeus (10-year-old Self Blue Merle) left us with no warning on Sunday, January 12, 2014.  He wasn't himself Friday night, so we scheduled a visit with our Vet, Dr. Marnie Dupliss at McClintok Animal care for Saturday morning.  Dr. Marnie did some bloodwork and thought she should do an Xray.  The Xray showed that his lungs were filled with cancer.  We went home and to await what the bloodwork would tell us.  He did well that evening, ate his food and was his loving obnoxious self :-)  Sunday morning we woke to find him laying in the hallway.  Gave him some loving and soon he went out through the doggie door.  I checked on him when I didn't hear him come back in...he was just lying on the patio.  Took forever to coax him back into the house, but he could barely get up.  He was as cold as ice and not doing well.  We called Happy Endings and the doctor came to the house.  He had difficulty finding a vein, but was eventually successful.  Zeus passed away graceful at 11 a.m. that morning.  We miss him terribly and will always remember what an awesome dog he was.  RIP Zeus!  click on pics for enlargement


We lost our Bailey on March 15th 2013..she will be forever missed!

9/25/12 Update:  We lost our Angel at age 13 due to a stroke last year, and in April of this year we lost our beloved Dimmer at age 12 due to liver failure.  The are truly missed!

Thought I'd share a few things that are going on with our babies, that for some reason, I haven't been able to share until now.

Starting with Angel, for several years now she has had heart disease.  Her last checkup revealed that her heart is now enlarged and her heart murmur is at 5...6 being the worst according to our Vet, Dr. Brady (not all Vets may use the same scale).  Because of Dr. Brady's research and resources, as well as medications and supplements, we have been able to keep Angel comfortably alive for several years now.  We do have a Vet check scheduled for tomorrow, as she seems to be less comfortable throughout the day.  I will post an update on her situation.  Angel UPDATE:  Angel's heart murmur is about the same, which means that all the meds and supplements are doing the job they were designed to do.  A blood analysis of her levels (from meds) are slightly high, but Dr. Brady (Best Friends Animal Hospital) had no concerns.  She will be tested again in about 3 months.  The bad news is, Angel will get worse as time goes on... and eventually die from this disease.  The good news is...she's not there yet and we still have time with her! :-)

Next is our sweet, adorable Bailey.  On August 5, 2008, while we were doing "poop patrol", Bailey had a Grand Mal Seizure, a cluster of 5 more followed by the time we got her to the emergency room and one followed when she was admitted.  She remained in the hospital, blind and disoriented, but the staff was able to get the seizures under control and she was released the next day and her vision returned...something they could not guarantee.  She had several breakthrough seizures, but with additional meds, she has been seizure free since November (knock on wood).  We love her dearly and although she is at times a little drugged, she leads a vital and active life!

Update:  We lost Austin on 11/23/09...and we miss him terribly!  Then there is Austin...our first born!  We lost his brother Augie (suddenly) at the age of 10 and this July Austin will be 12...we are grateful for every year!  In May of 2008, Austin began having physical problems that landed him in the emergency room.  During the last few years, we noticed that Austin would "zone" frequently...like he was going to do something, then couldn't remember what!  Shortly after the ER visit, Austin was diagnosed with senility and is currently on medication as well as brain food.  He still has a few moments of zoning, but is doing quite well.

6/7/10 UPDATE For the past few months, Dimmer has been losing weight at an accelerating rate.  Sonogram showed nothing conclusive.  Prednisone was prescribed with no success,  Fluconazole was doubled even though Valley Fever titer was 1:2.  While being weaned off Prednisone,  C-Stanozolol (2mg)was added (it's an anabolic steroid) and he will be weighted again this week.  We are hoping for an increase in weight, if not...on to other testing.  Blind from birth, except for being able to distinguish between light and dark, is now totally blind due to a detached retina.  In 2002 he was diagnosed with Valley Fever and although we were able to reduce the titer, he still has the disease and will remain on meds for the rest of his life.  We found cysts on his elbow and during surgery, 2 additional cysts were found...but all were benign...thank God.  Every once in a while he goes into a coughing frenzy, but it's subsided with meds for the duration.  In spite of all that Dimmer has been through, he is the happiest dog I ever met and loves his musical and squeaky toys.

Now onto the crazy one of the pack, Zeus.  He's healthy as a horse and rambunctious as one!  Other than a wart (yes, wart) on his tongue (benign) when he was young, he did manage to end up in the ER because he broke a nail (down to the bone) jumping on the wall.  Last year we found a huge lump under his chin and surgery and analysis found it benign...anther thank God!  He's as crazy as ever and keeps the old ones very active1

For those that we have lost...and especially for those still with us, I'd like to dedicate this song to everyone who doesn't take the time to appreciate life and all that it offers.

Live Like You Were Dying (Tim McGraw)

IN LOVING MEMORY of our Augie, Kandoo, Midi & Austin


Group Treat pictures!


You can see more pictures and highlights on the AussieLads Crew page

7/6/10 Update Check it out!!!  I got a roommate!

6/7/10 I made these old worn out Aussies an offer they could not refuse...a little action in their lives

Hi, I'm HoeBoe and all I can say is check back often for updates!

 There's a new "species" in town!  Who would have thought that we would add a Kitten to this family of wonderful, aging Aussies!  Well, we have.  Hang on Ladies and Gents this little HoeBoe is nothing like you've ever seen before.  I think he's a "Ninja" Cat!  We first met HoeBoe when he was only days old...his eyes weren't even opened.  Kat, our favorite Vet Tech from Dr. Brady's office brought him by.  I fell in love instantly!  Dying to foster him, knowing I wasn't capable, I asked Kat to help me learn about newborn kitties with no Mom to take care of them.  While she did all the hard work, bottle feeding, making him pee and poop by stimulus, I got all the benefits!  I got to bottle feed, learn how to make me express himself, give him love...while Kat took him home each night to make sure that he survived.

During the first weeks of his life, she brought him by, allowing me to nurture him and at the same time letting my crew get to know him. At first they were so anxious at his arrival and then it was like "oh, it's only HoeBoe".  If it weren't for Kat's dedication and commitment,  HoeBoe would not be part of our family.  THANK YOU KAT!!!

Here are some pics we took of HoeBoe before he actually joined our family...more will come, I promise!  The first is when HoeBoe's eyes were not even opened, that's when he met Zeus!  The remaining pics are of what happens when you are the first to fall asleep at a party (no mercy) and then the rest are HoeBoe just being himself.  Enjoy!


And here's what happens when you wake up!

some pics from my visit with DustBunni...and more to come!

Stay tuned for more to come!

7/6/10 Update:  Mom finally got around to posting some pics of my new roommate, Dichali (means speaks alot in American Indian...and boy does he!).  Anyhow he came for a "sleepover" and never left (I'm glad about that).  He was a shy little kitten that was turned in to Best Friends Animal Hospital and really needed a family of his own.  They have a few other kitties looking for new homes and my Mom will post them soon.  In the meantime, I'd like to introduce you to my new best friend (despite Dad's objections).  My best bud, Dichali (and pics of me, of course)...(drum roll please!)

Enjoy your visit and please come back soon!

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