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Mission Statement

Our Purpose is to rescue and re-home existing Lethal White Australian Shepherds.  Our Mission is to ensure, through support and education, a positive environment and successful life-long union for those adopted.  Our Vision is to prevent, and ultimately eliminate, Merle-to-Merle breeding of Australian Shepherds through continuous efforts to EDUCATE!

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Listen to the song, Lethal White, composed and recorded for us by singer/songwriter, Carol Dressler in 2001.

  Read the words as you listen to the music!

Read the article about Carol Dressler and the Lethal White CD in the Lawrence (KS) World Journal

More about Carol Dressler, singer/songwriter

Language of Love  by Cyndi Cunico

I know you're there, but I cannot see you

I smell your presence and feel the vibrations of your footsteps

You call my name, but I cannot hear you

Although, I can feel your breath gently ruffle my fur

You wonder, "What in the world would I do with this dog?"

I wonder, "How can I let you know I understand?"

You decide to take a chance and give us a try

And I decide to do the same

You think I'll never figure out what you want

Because I can't see or hear you

But there's so much more to me than just sight or sound

I can always feel what's in your heart

When you are asleep and your eyes are closed, I lick your face

You know I am there because you can feel me

When you want my attention, you gently touch me

I react to your warm touch as quickly as though you called my name

I do understand because you are patient and caring

Yes, life will be different

You will forget and call my name, and I will not respond

Instead I will continue to do whatever it is I'm doing

But with the warmth of your touch

I will stop and wait for your next instruction

Language has a life of it's own

And does not always consist of words or signs

I will learn your language

If you are willing to learn mine

It's called the Language of Love...Please speak to me!

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We would like to explain that the term "LETHAL WHITE"  (discovered while doing research) is simply a term (not the lethal gene found in Paint horses with Overo Lethal White Syndrome in which the affected foal dies within 72 hours) referring to either a Blue Merle or Red Merle Aussie, born of a Merle-to-Merle breeding, who inherited 2 merle genes at birth.  For a detailed explanation, please read this article The Trouble With Merle by C.A. Sharp.  We chose to use this term in our campaign to identify these particular Aussies.  We also hope to lessen the confusion between "Lethals" and "Pattern Whites".  Some people feel this term was created by breeders to justify culling (killing at birth) these white pups.  Others feel it is derogatory to those wonderful "white Aussies" that exist and excel.  We strongly believe it is a term beneficial to bring about awareness.  Our use of the term "Lethal White" (also known as homozygous or double merle and considered more politically correct terms) represents the fact that pups born with this excessive white is lethal...to them (because of what happens to many of them.  Please read Miss Arkansas' story).  Most are born blind and/or deaf (in varying degrees) and while there is no study that we are aware of to indicate that the immune system is also affected, we firmly believe, due to past experiences, there is the possibility of immune system malfunction.  While some Aussies are born with sight/hearing impairments, others experience deformities involving the eyes, such as Kandoo and Sage.  We do not claim to be experts in genetics, truth is we can barely comprehend the process ourselves, but we do provide links to other sites (listed below) for detailed genetic explanations.  A breeding of a Lethal White to any other breed will result in the "mixed breed" inheriting the blind and/or deaf impairments (such as Dimmer and Kandoo, both "lethal white" Aussie mixes).

Please visit Aussie Eye Defects for detailed information and examples of eye abnormalities

Our goal is to reach the  general public, as well as "backyard breeders", by simply saying that merle-to-merle breeding will produce pups with genetic defects...it's that simple!  You would be surprised at the number of people who do not realize this.  Some don't even know that the Aussie they have is a Merle.   This "lack of knowledge" is the cause of so many of these pups being born.  Unless you've already heard the term "Lethal White" or are aware of the dangers that exist in merle-to-merle breeding, you will have no reason to research.  We just want to give you a reason.  Please read these informative pages on Aussie Breeding   We would also like to recommend a book all Aussie owners should have...All About Aussies (The Australian Shepherd from A to Z) by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor.

Although the "lethal white" Aussies are extraordinary in their determination and capabilities, they need special, loving homes willing to provide the extra care.  They do require a little more extra care and responsibility, both financially (including eye exams, medications if required) and personally (providing a safe environment at all times).  Everyone wants the perfect dog, whether it be physically or emotionally.  I have to tell you that rescue dogs come with baggage...even the "perfect ones"...and all the Aussies are perfect, but they end up being viewed in the owner/adopters expectations.  When you welcome a new dog, Aussie or otherwise, bought or adopted, you need to leave those expectations at the front door.  A true dog lover loves their dog for who they are and goes from there.

Check out our training video demos available online.  The videos cover working with various impairments as well as "how to" administer eye meds.

See what "colors" Aussies are.

For additional extensive information on Aussie Colors, please visit

An Inheritance of Color in the Australian Shepherd

  October, 2004 issue of the Lethal Whites across USA newsletter.  Just click on the Aussie icon. 

Please help us stop this tragic breeding!  We are being contacted from all over the US with pleas of help to save these babies.  Together, we can stop them from ever being born simply by educating

  Join our "Lethal White Awareness Campaign" to help prevent future births of Lethals.  Please help spread the word.  Read Sage's story. 

    Lethal White (printable) Info Packet

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5 Lethal White Pups, ready their story

Also stop by and read Girlie's story

A Lethal White site in Japan

Please visit these sites and see for yourself the dangers of Merle to Merle breeding.

Great articles...The Trouble With Merle and White Fright by C.A. Sharp

Can You See?; Pigment & Deafness; White Aussies; White Deafness; White Aussies1; Aussie Eye Color.  Some other great sites dealing with deafness are:  Deaf Dog Education Action Fund.  Also visit these great sites for vision impairment/blindness: Blind Dogs; Other Sites.  Info on eye problems, visit Eye Clinic For Animals.

 Please visit DDEAF (Deaf Dog Education Action Fund) for information in dealing with deaf dogs.  Visit Owners Of Blind Dogs for information relating to blind dogs.

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[IMAGE]We have received many inquiries about the Aussie graphics used on our site (Lethal Whites are now available).  We would like to acknowledge the wonderful work of Deborah & Kelly Burton (Silver Springs, FL).  Please click on the icon above to order yours today.  You can choose from many groups, such as: Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non-Sporting, Herding and Special Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  Agility, Obedience, Patriotic and Generic sets are also available.

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